Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Roaming, brooding & scattering thoughts

To glimpse Michelangelo's "Pieta" is reason enough to travel.

Roam the earth & see the beauty ....

It seems to me that a primary advantage to residency on the European side of the Atlantic Ocean is being much nearer to centuries of art and architecture. So much is there to appreciate. Spending a few moments within St. Peter's Basilica standing before Michelangelo's 15th Century marble "Pieta" is a reminder that while years pass by, there is some beauty which may resist change until the end of time.

I sort of like this photograph, even though the technical quality is rather dismal. The photo might also be a reminder for us to roam the earth while there still is earth to roam, and while we are fully alive to enjoy it. Our days are numbered, and neither god nor man will keep us young or safe forever.

The brooding Norwegian runs his errands ....

Yes, I am in a somber mood today. Brooding Norwegian equals one-half of me, fastidious German equals one-quarter, and with an indefinable mix spilling into the "final quarter." I have a dozen things on my mind right now, but the thoughts are too unfocused and random to capture more than a few words about any of them.

Today included run-around time for me. I had to go to a bank and shuffle some money from one to another. I had to go to the post office for a money order. Whenever I do that, I always vow never again to buy anything online from an individual or business which only accepts money order-type payments. However, in this case the item was something that I absolutely had to obtain. It was still another magazine for the Fabrique Nationale 6.35 mm pistol I bought Thanksgiving week. The magazine was made available on the "GunBroker" auction site, and I won it. I now have the original magazine for the pistol and two spares. One more spare, and that will be that. Right. Something I really needed.

I replenished my refrigerator and my closet food shelves today. I do that only once every ten days to two weeks, so it takes more time than I like to give it. I usually make at least one error while selecting food items. When I got home today, I discovered that I had picked up a box of sugar cookies instead my favored chocolate chip cookies. I suppose I can handle it.

I also replenished my liquor cabinet today, which meant another stop. Shopping for myself has always been easy in this category, but trying to keep a variety around for guests once was a difficult chore. I finally solved this dilemma simply by buying one of everything. With decision-making skills like that, I should be qualified to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Random thoughts from a scattered mind ....

I regret: That I never learned how to play a guitar. I absolutely love the music of the great rock and roll guitar players.

I wish: That I could travel through time to witness any number of events the way they actually happened. This is my dream of what "heaven" would offer me.

I feel: That I am indestructible until old age takes me. In the language of the Old Norse, I have money-luck, battle-luck and health-luck. It would be nice to have weather-luck and woman-luck as well, but I would not trade away any of those I do have.

I know: That there is power greater than my own; I just do not know what it is or where to look for it.

I believe: That good and evil are real and existing entities, with corporal bodies, and present among us, and not merely personifications of religious myth.

I like: People who are honest and people who are courageous.

I have no respect/time for: Career politicians, hustlers and wimps.

I hope: That I will be able to build another Sanctuary/Refuge.

I am still thinking about: Whether or not romance really is vanishing from the earth.

Music Note: Trying to psych myself up by listening to "Arena Rock" on cable television ....


The Fabulous Diva said...

Mmmmmmm Sugar Cookies always goooood.

On everything else, also food for thought.

Romance?? Sometimes romance can come from the oddest situations.

I remember the son of one of my neighbors romanced me for nearly a year, he was very sweet, flowers, candy, lovely cards, then one day he told me he had to leave, they were moving and he would miss me. I told him I would miss him.

Ahh love can be so sad even for a 5year old boy. Of course there was a 19 year age difference, but I promised him that I would cherish every one of the cards that he made all by himself, with a little help from his mother.

I still have everyone of his cards. And I pressed some of the dandelion flowers from the bouquets he made, and I savored every wrapped Jolly Rancher fruit flavored hard candy he brought me, he knew I liked the orange ones.

His mother and Father understood his feelings, I was the nicest babysitter he ever had.

Romance is not really vanishing but it needs to be cultivated and encouraged. (Purr)

TheChicGeek said...

Hello Mr. Brooding Norwegian :)
I love Pieta too. "Pieta is a reminder that while years pass by, there is some beauty which may resist change until the end of time." That's lovely. I believe in humans that beauty comes from within. That inner beauty is something, if nurtured, never withers or dies. I don't think it's ever too late to roam the world. Life lived to its fullest is meant to be an adventure, don't you think? They have a new TV commercial for Australia, "Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself...go walkabout." We get all caught up in the daily grind and forget about the wonder and mystery in life. I like that expression, "go walkabout." It must be hard trudging around in the snow all day...I don't think I would like that for too long. I think that would make me somber too :(
I best be off so Fram, "Go Walkabout" :)
Sweet Dreams!

TheChicGeek said...

Oh, yes...I forgot. One more thing on the romance. I believe it's just harder to find someone of like mind that you want to romance. Doesn't everybody love romance...all those happy, warm feelings that make us walk around all day with big smiles on our faces? Awwww, if only we could bottle it :)

Chocobo said...

Go stand out in the sun for at least 15 minutes. You'll feel better. Oh, and be sure to take a look at some sparkly unbroken snow; it worked to cheer me up last night.

Katy said...

On regrets: I remember reading somewhere that we "only regret the things we don't do" (not those things that we do do, even if they turn out 'wrong' in the end). Which is maybe a round about way of saying that whilst we're still alive and in sound health, there's still a chance that we can do / will do / should do. Admittedly this may not apply to 'circumstantial' regrets - for alas, I agree, we have no time machine - but it works well as a philosophy for doing stuff. Go get a guitar, Fram.

On romance: what the ChicGeek said. I think it's out there somewhere - I just have the map or any directions or a clue who might be at the end of the journey.

Katy said...

Oops - should have been:

On romance: what the ChicGeek said. I think it's out there somewhere - I just DON'T have the map or any directions or a clue who might be at the end of the journey.

Fram said...

Hi, Diva ....

I experienced instant love for "an older woman" when I was four or five. I fell under the spell of a young wife who arrived in my neighborhood. She had long, straight, black hair and was absolutely, drop-dead beautiful. Whenever I saw her, I simply stared and stared at her but, unlike your admirer, never dared say a word to her.

Fram said...

Yes, yes, and, no doubt, yes, Kelly.

I think I am approaching a point where I need to do a "walkabout" in new directions. I have jumped careers in the past, and it is time for me to consider doing that again, but first I want to jump locales for a while.

Fram said...

Hey, Chocobo ....

The sun did help today. Thank you, for your visit.

Fram said...

Well, Katy, maybe next winter I will buy a guitar when snow and cold strike instead of turning to the computer. But this year? No, spring is just around the corner and summer is right behind it. No time for lessons.

Natalie said...

It’s not the “elements” that I don’t like, Fram, I am terrified of water!!
Structurally it is clean, simple and reasonably rhymed!. I like staccato and V. Mayakovsky, for that reason.
Nothing to criticize!
P.S. You like wolves. Try to express your love for these intelligent, noble and gentle creatures…

Fram said...

I have had two encounters with "wolves in the wild," and I did write about them earlier here. Maybe I will try retelling the events in "column form" and see how it works. It seems easier to (attempt to) do this when using actual experience rather than abstract observation.

It's something for me to think about, Natalie. Thanks.

Something special ....