Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mysterious photographs & Fram's treasure

Ever have your camera go off accidentally? That happens to me a lot. I feel so clumsy. For instance, that's what happened in the case of this photograph. You know, you're walking around carrying your camera in sort of an awkward position. You sneeze or trip over your untied shoe lace. As an involuntary reaction, your hand squeezes your camera and the shutter clicks. At least, that's the way I remember it happening. Sure is embarrassing. By the way, this photo is available for loan to anyone whose visit to Rome took place while carrying a 35 mm camera.

And it wasn't even a dark and stormy night ....

Have you ever been witness to a supernatural event?

I believe it happened to me last night. As I mentioned previously, I only slept about four hours Friday night and not at all Saturday night until about 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. I then captured about five hours more sleep. Needless to say, I was a bit drowsy as Sunday evening rolled into Monday morning. I put my head down on my computer table and sort of drifted off.

I began dreaming. At first, I saw nothing, only heard a voice. The voice spoke in a language I did not understand. When I complained about that, the voice abruptly began to speak in heavily accented English.

"Fram," spoke the voice. "You are the one they call Fram?"

"When they are in a generous mood, yes," I replied.

"Hear me then," spoke the voice. "I am your ancestor, Fram the First, and I bring you a message from Valhalla."

"Go for it," I replied.

"You are to go to the land of the Greeks and retrieve the hoard of gold and jewels I left buried there," spoke the voice.

"But, I don't have an archaeologist's license to go digging around in Greece," I replied.

"I'll leave you a couple of phone numbers to call when you get there," spoke the voice. "Tell them the King of the Tsamiko sent you."

"Fine," I replied. "I sort of have been planning to hide out there for a while next summer anyway."

"You shall bring my hoard of gold and jewels to me, on the banks of the wide Missouri River," spoke the voice.

"Now wait a minute," I began to reply, but the voice cut me off.

"Oh Shenandoah, I love your daughter
Far away, you rollin river
It was for her, I crossed the water
Away, I'm bound away
Across the wide Missouri
Well its fair the well,
I'm bound to leave you
Far away, you rollin river
Oh Shenandoah, I will not deceive you
Away, I'm bound away
Across the wide Missouri
With notions, his canoe was laiden
Away, I'm bound away
Across the wide Missouri," the voice continued, while the sound of a guitar being softly strummed could be heard in the background.

"What do I get out of this," I interrupted.

"Ten percent," spoke the voice.

"Deal," I concluded.

Suddenly, the room was filled by a brilliant light, and I was fully awake. When I looked at my computer screen, there was sort of a photographic image present. Although technically dismal, the background of this sort of photograph clearly showed it to be my computer room. I understand some will be skeptical, but I am convinced the image can be none other than that of the ghost of Fram the First.

Whatever, I think I'll go to Greece and look around for his buried hoard of gold and jewels. Nothing to lose; ten percent to gain.

Who other than Fram the First could this ghostly image be?

Music Note: Listening to Lita Ford ....
Specfically: "The Best of Lita Ford" ....
("Kiss Me Deadly" .... ok)


The Fabulous Diva said...

It must be Fram the First, it can be no other.

A very interesting photo of a ectoplasmic orb. ;)

Hmmm that reminds me I need to get in touch with some of my ghost hunting friends. Ahhhh but not to worry, we will leave the spirit of Fram the First to roam free.

Sorry I'm late but I want to wish you all the best. And now I must get some rest.

I love the song "Shenandoah" it's lovely and sad at the same time.

Have a Happy St. Pat's day.

Fram said...

Divas are expected to enter the ballroom after all others have arrived, so that all eyes are present to admire them.

Thank you. I can imagine you have a lot of catching up to do. It is a nice song and a beautiful song. Since the Vikings founded Dublin and ran free around Ireland for some time, I would imagine I have more than a few Irish cousins -- thanks to Fram the First. Actually, St. Patrick's Day has become part of a three-day festival to celebrate my entrance into the world -- so, I will partake.

Read my Monday entry, if you find the time.

Sleep well.

its_me_in_montana said...

Your post made me laugh so much I had tears in my eyes (something that usually only the Manly Man blog I follow does). Thanks.

TheChicGeek said...

Love it! Finally we get to see Fram :) I'm so excited! Now if we can only find out his true age...LOL!
I'm breezing through...Have a Happy St. Patty's Day!
PS: Great T-Shirt!

Fram said...

Hey, Montana ....

Where's this manly guy? I want a beer-drinking contest with him, then a round of arm wrestling, then .... well, that's enough.

Fram said...

Ms. Kelly ....

Let's make sure we're clear on this. It was Fram the First. Making an estimate from existing records, he must be 1030- or possibly 1040-something.

Yes, the shirt. I can understand Fram the First wanting one like it, but I have no idea who might provide delivery service to Valhalla. If he shows up again, I think I'll ask him.

Fram said...

P.S. Kelly, slow down, will you? I get tired just watching you.

Katy said...

Hee hee hee very good :-)

The dead do drive such a hard bargain. I think you should have tussled over the 10% though...

Fram said...

I might tack on a surcharge, a delivery charge and a bill for random expenses -- or, I might just stay Greece and spend it all.

I was right in the midst of reading your blog entry for today, Katy, and decided to fill my coffee cup and to see if anything new was posted here.

See you later.

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