Sunday, March 1, 2009

Let's Tango, pay our taxes & keep on writing

I keep the dream in my pocket
Never let it fade away
Inside, outside
No loneliness in this dream

Lindsey Buckingham
Some lines from his song: "Tango in the Night"

Time to Tango .... the night away ....

One of my favorite movies is "Sunset." It is a fictional piece about Wyatt Earp and Tom Mix joining forces to fight evil in Hollywood, California, on the eve of the first-ever presentation of the Academy Awards. How could anyone ever beat that story line?

James Garner plays Wyatt, and Bruce Willis plays Tom. There are elements of truth here. A few years after Tombstone and the gunfight at the OK corral, Earp moved on to California where he and Mix, cowboy turned actor, became friends. Several years after that, Mix was a pallbearer at Earp's funeral.

I am not going to tell you every single reason why I am into this movie, but one reason is the Tango that Willis and actress Miranda Garrison perform during a scene set in a "south of the border-type" night club. Other than the pistol play (yeh, sure), I think that is the best part of the movie. I want to learn to Tango whenever I see the movie. This is coming from a guy who ordinarily needs two drinks before moving onto a dance floor. (The words, "fear nothing," do not apply to dancing.) And, put me down on your list of idiots, because I think there actually is something profound to the Tango. Something beyond sexy. Something beyond grace and beauty when danced by a couple who know what they are doing. I think this is one dance that does have a real story of its own to tell, and movements which reveal insight into the psyche of the dancers. I will now return to reality.

But first, sliding sideways for a moment .... I think a "south of the border-type" location is a place where I could live for a while. I like the people. I like the music. Its boxers are the toughest in the world. Tequila is not brandy, but it works. The climate usually is warm. There are places to explore and waters into which to toss a canoe. Just a thought.

Beware, the mean tax man cometh ....

I own three adjoining, platted lots totaling about four acres in another state. Saturday, I received the "real estate assessment notice" for 2009 in the mail. The assessed value, reads the notice, has "increased over last year's value by 142.86 percent."

These lots are woodland, with no buildings, no improvements (no water, no electricity) and can be reached only by traveling a non-maintained, private road. Yet, the value of these lots for tax purposes supposedly has increased nearly 150 percent in the span of only one year, while property values all around the country are slumping and the housing market is in a recession?

I think I will ask the county director of tax equalization there if he wants to buy these lots from me. This is not "the change" I wanted, and yes, I am being sarcastic. Very, very, very sarcastic.

Still cold outside, so why not write more?

Last night, it was three degrees Fahrenheit above zero at this time. This night, it is an even zero. Better yet, the cold is accompanied by a brisk breeze. You don't need to be a weatherman to know which way the snow is blowin'. Sorry. Sometimes I lose it.

I usually measure winter as existing from the first of November to the end of March. There is more to it than those months, of course, but that time frame holds the greatest measure of true winter around here. I have seen snow on Labor Day weekend and during the last week of May on the shores of Lake Superior. That is not common, but that is the way it is. Like it or leave it.

I am feeling lazy and relaxed tonight. As I have said before, when I began this blog my intent was to write at least a few words every day for the first 30 days, then slide into a "when I feel like it" pattern. I passed that mark, and might go for 60 consecutive days. Why? Because the wind still blows cold, I guess.

I would like to be reading more about other people's lives and learn about them, their likes, dislikes and backgrounds, than to be putting out all this stuff about me. However, I will continue to do it. I would hope the reason is obvious. I believe in two-way streets.

Music Note: Listening to Fleetwood Mac ....
Specifically, "Tango in the Night" ....

(This band is in the Twin Cities Tuesday)


Magdalena said...

Beautiful Lindsey Buckingham, and I love Bruce Willis! :-) Take care dear Fram! Big hugs.

Katy said...

Like the Snow Queen in the Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, perhaps your mean taxman's motto should be "always winter and never Christmas"...

I have 3 left feet when it comes to dancing, but I like it anyway. I went along to salsa classes with my friend Liz for a while. Great fun, impossible not to have a big grin on your face at all times even whilst keeping all those left feet under control.

TheChicGeek said...

Sounds like the cold and the tax man got you a little grumpy :(
I don't blame you. I've revived so I'm popping by to sprinkle some warm California fairy dust on you to warm you up :)
I've been super busy with my crazy trial so I haven't had time to blog. It's funny once you start doing it every day you really miss it when you don't. I always love to hear your stories so I hope you keep them coming! I'm a little shy so I don't always share too much. My blog is an exercise in getting over that shyness and just being me or not.
Have a Happy Day, Fram!
Oh, PS: Tango, Tango,'ll have fun :)

Piper .. said...

Hey, I could never dance, even if my life depended on it! However, that notwithstanding,I do wiggle and jiggle a lil on the dance floor every now and then. And then after I`m done getting on everybody`s nerves(and shoes!), I usually quietly slither away. And if by any remote chance I`m with friends, they just politely yank me off the floor before I`m thrown out :):) I`m that good!
And I dont really mind the cold so much except for the winds. White does look beautiful,dont you think?

Fram said...

Magdalena, always great to have you pay a visit. I love Buckingham's guitar work and Fleetwood Mac's sound.

Fram said...

Yes, Katy. That is exactly what I meant.

Sometime I would like to be taped when I dance. I am curious to see what others see.

Fram said...

Consider your visit to warm me up to be a success, Kelly.

I like your attitude about being yourself and, had I not liked your blog, I would not have made a return trip.

Speaking of dancing, are those dancing shoes or running shoes you are wearing?

TheChicGeek said...

Hmmmm, that's an interesting question. Sometimes I'm not sure. I have to think about that one.
PS: Romance is not vanishing from the earth. I think it's just harder to find, no? :)
Stay cozy...(lol)

Fram said...

It sounds like you might be a natural-born entertainer, Piper. Hi there. Thanks for dropping by.

I actually like winter; it is winter inside of city limits that I do not like. Also, I would prefer that it arrived around December 1 and absolutely vanished on January 31.

Fram said...

Kelly, Kelly. You must be peeking over my shoulder.

Add this to the shoe question: If they are running shoes, are you running to or from?

Meanwhile, I will think more about the presence or absence of romance.

TheChicGeek said...

Peek :D
I'm still thinking.....

Fram said...

Me, too.

No rush.

Something special ....