Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fram, as exposed through photos & words

So you think Fram is harmless, do you?

Today, friends, students, fellow citizens and wandering vagabonds, we begin a formal study of Fram, president of the Last of the Real Men's Boys' Club. The specific subject of this investigation will center on Fram the Lover, with special emphasis on his chameleon-like talents. From whom has Fram modeled in style, substance (or lack thereof) and pickup lines? We have gone to great time and trouble (ho-hum) to accumulate some vivid examples of Fram, the man he thinks himself to be.

Here begins the lesson: Moving clockwise from the top left, I am very certain we all have heard stories that Fram frequently emulates Humphrey Bogart, a cool, mature type; a model of composure and self-control. Unfortunately, both for Humphrey and for Fram, this type has a very roving eye, and cannot help but to stare unabashedly at whatever falls into view, usually leaving his date valiantly trying to ignore his lack of decorum.

There also have been rumors Fram has been seen modeling himself as the new James Dean, the quiet, brooding type of younger man, carefree but troubled, who likes fast cars, who prefers blondes watching his back, literally, while he contemplates the fate of the free world and deliberates about who to ask to the junior-senior prom. Looks like Marilyn fell asleep during her watch; so much for her.

There is at least one report that Fram sometimes tries to seduce young ladies by putting on airs as a suave, sophisticated, serious English gentleman, the likes of which have not been seen since the era of Cary Grant. In this role, Fram likes to get the young lady alone, where he then is able to sweep her off her feet by reciting poetry from Shakespeare and using his rich, deep voice and charming English accent to the fullest advantage.

Fram also is said to like them young, naïve and with curly hair. This type, he tries to convince that he is not only a vampire, but a direct descendant of Count Dracula the First, the greatest vampire of them all, who was lost to history when he traveled with Vikings to North Dakota searching for the Northwest Passage. How much these young ladies believe and how much they put up with his antics simply because he resembles Brad Pitt is uncertain. (Yeh, sure.)

Fram likes legs, both the ZZ Top song and the real thing. In this respect, he will play any role in order to get close enough to catch a glimpse of a young lady's legs. In this particular setting, like Dustin Hoffman, Fram sometimes attempts to play a dumb college kid. Notice how well Dustin performs this role. (Fram can do it better.) Dustin is absolutely hypnotized by that leg. Let us pause here for a few moments while we study the curves of this lovely leg ...................... hah? All right, that's enough.

Proceeding on to the final example in this session, it has been said Fram will swim any river, fight man or beast, swing from tree to tree, and even swing on a dance floor, just to convince a young lady he is the real thing. Like Johnny Weissmuller, Fram particularly likes to take them swimming so they are wearing a minimum of clothing.

What we have seen here is but a small sample of the roles Fram has been known to play and some of the assorted real men he admires and attempts to emulate in his constant search for attention and kisses from young ladies. This is not to say Fram is insincere or in any manner less than a complete sort of gentleman. It is to say Fram would much rather go canoeing with a girl than to a sports bar with a bunch of guys, and he is not afraid to say so.

Music Note: Listening to Queensryche
Specifically, "Rage for Order"
Some lines from: "Walk in the Shadows:"

You need attention, what's good is only mine
I can cure the hunger that burns in your heart
Just come to me
I'll take you home
We'll walk in the shadows
By day we'll live in a dream
We'll walk in the shadows

Our secret's safe for one more night
But when the morning comes remember
I'll be with you

We'll walk in the shadows
By day we'll live in a dream
We'll walk in the shadows
One day you'll be with me


A Cuban In London said...

The jaw. It's the jaw. I knew there was a common denominator in your pictures. It's the same square jaw, give or take. I love your alter egos. Bogart, man. Well, you know, Fram: 'This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship...'.

Queensryche? I have not heard that since I was in uni, back in the early to mid 90s. Man, you've taken me far back this time!

Greetings from London.

Natalie said...

I never thought of you as “harmless”!
Thank you for your “daring” comments on sourness of pomegranates!

Natalie said...

I came across this article on MSN, am sure you have a lot to say on the subject!
Make it your Monday-posting theme, please? Let’s keep “consecutive posting”-thing going!

TheChicGeek said...

Fram, a legend in his own mind :)
You've modeled yourself well and in good

J.T's Tale said...

I still think you are harmless nonetheless.

The Fabulous Diva said...

I love it! But I think there are a few more 'sides' to Fram, than are shown here.

Hmmm I'll have to think on that.

Fram said...

It would be fun to know if Bogart actually came up with any of his memorable lines himself, wouldn't it, Cuban? They did have many great writers working the scripts back in those days, though, so he probably was the beneficiary and not the creator.

Some songs by some bands stay in the mind.

Thanks for the visit.

Fram said...

Not harmless? Daring? Daring? You said daring, Natalie?

Well, thank you.

I probably would have to stay up for 24 hours to wear down my inhibitions, Natalie, before I dove into that article. It was fun to read.

One comment I will make, though, is that I always look at women's hair, but I cannot recall ever looking at their fingernails. What side of the ocean does that put me on?

Fram said...

Well, of course, the story still is being written, Kelly. But, by the time it is concluded, who knows? Fram might be right up there on Mount Olympus with the big shots.

Thanks for being here.

Fram said...

J.T., hello there ....

It's too bad we don't live closer together. We could exchange some of our professional secrets while watching young ladies walk by.

Live long and prosper, guy.

Fram said...

How many facets are there on a diamond, Diva?

It depends on the size of the gem and the skill of the cutter.

Natalie said...

My pleasure, my pleasure, Philosopher,
To write a little introduction to Los Farrucos is the next item on my “to do” list.
I want to (proudly) mention here that my daughter and I have attended their performance at the New York City Center just two weeks ago.
Those two kids you saw on the stage are now 18 and 20 years old and they were amazing.
Re: my hair – I am happy, makes me look …French, you know!!

Fram said...

Yes, I do know, Natalie.

I envy you actually having been able to watch a live performance.

Natalie said...

This is to illustrate your tomorrow's homework!
Bonne nuit...

Fram said...

Natalie, you have me blushing.

I wouldn't be afraid to try for the world record, though.

Of course, that would require a lot of practice beforehand.

Something special ....