Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time for buying & for learning about you ....

I've got shopping on my mind

I'm thinking new computer, maybe; new camera, maybe; new firearm, maybe; some new music, probably.

My primary computer is a bit over four years old. The monitor for my backup (1991 model) went to computer heaven a few days ago, and it could be time to turn this one into the backup. Any recommendations?

When I bought this computer, I also purchased a pretty basic digital camera to go along with it. I've never been a particularly good photographer, although I bought my first camera at the age of five (plenty of practice) and I've frequently hung out with photographer-types at work (plenty of expertise available to teach me). It could be time for me to get a "decent" camera. Any recommendations?

It might be time for a new rifle or pistol. My "gun habit" is to buy, sell or trade a few every year, so the number grows gradually. I do not suppose many life-long metropolitan dwellers would understand this idiosyncrasy, but I am a country boy and received instruction in the use of rifles, shotguns and handguns the summer of my tenth year. For the next few years after that, my life revolved around hunting and football. Then, I discovered girls, and my interests blossomed.

In case there are any "gun nuts" out there in never-never land, my most recent purchase was a "Thanksgiving present" for me last November. It was a Fabrique Nationale 6.35 mm (.25 caliber) semi-automatic pistol. This type was called a "Vest Pocket" pistol back in the good old days. It's small. They were manufactured between 1905 and 1940, plus a few later presentation pieces.

There is no complete serial number record to track these pistols but, through bits and pieces of information, I am relatively certain mine was manufactured in 1919. The most fascinating factor about this pistol, to me, is that it was made in Belgium and, by contract agreement, these particular firearms were never available for sale new in the U.S. That means mine had to travel some considerable distance before arriving here. How? Who knows? Maybe in the luggage of an American tourist or soldier returning from Europe?

Me and "old stuff." What can I say?

Before the Vest Pocket, I had gone since last February without a gun purchase. That was a Winchester Model 94 (which means this model was first introduced in 1894), .30-30 caliber, lever action with a tang sight. There are conflicting databases regarding serial numbers for Winchesters. One puts my rifle at late 1940 or early 1941 manufacture; the other at 1942. Sort of old, no matter which date is correct.

My routine is to drive a car on day-to-day business. But, when weather dictates or when I travel, I drive a Suburban. And, in my Suburban, there always dwells what I call my "truck rifle." This old Winchester became my new truck rifle, replacing a Ruger Mini-14. My truck rifle becomes my canoe rifle when I shift from roadway to waterway. (Remember, I have seen lightning strike the unprepared, and I would rather be accused of paranoia than be caught unprepared.)

As you might guess, I really do not need any recommendations regarding firearms, but I never turn down a suggestion. I have not kept track of what is happening in the arena of computers or digital cameras, however, and really could use some advice there.

What can I learn from you?

I have mentioned previously that I was first drawn to the world of blogs last August to read the writings of one particular individual. The next step did not come until sometime between Christmas and New Year's Day, when I started to browse the blogs. About three weeks later, I began one myself.

Even though I'm writing here day after day, the primary reason for my presence continues to be to explore the work of other people, and to learn from them and about them. Life is a mystery to me (if it isn't to you, please explain it to me), and there is nothing so fascinating as people. By that, I mean individuals who lived yesterday, as well as those who do today.

Some bloggers sort of chat about daily life, some chart their trips, some write poetry, some post photographs, some demonstrate their proficiency in the use of profanity, some talk about hobbies, some offer advice and support, some promote causes, some are peddling their wares. The diversity is amazing.

In any case, more than anything else, I'm here to learn about you and you and you. Just don't ask me why, because I'm still working on that. Part of the mystery, I guess. Partly innate and insatiable curiosity, I am certain.

If anything more comes from this "adventure" than learning, so much the better.

Music Note: Listening to "Guns N' Roses" ....
(Guns and roses -- the story of my life)
Specifically, "Use Your Illusion I & II" ....
(Can only stay away from this band so long)


The Fabulous Diva said...

Hello sweet thing.

Mmmmmmm on the camera, well I've been looking at Cannon so far, from what some of my friends have told me, they have had the least amount of trouble with the Cannon digital's and you don't have to buy an expensive one either, but I'm still looking.

On the guns, there was a very old "hold out" gun that appeared to have been mounted for 'sleeve' use, there was something about it that intrigued me, I liked the feel of it, of course it wasn't working very well, it would need work, and I most likely would keep it as a show model, but it seemed to have a history. I'll be going back to the shop and talk to the dealer more on it.

On Computers, I've been working with a Dell, but there are so many out there, I'm sure you don't want a laptop in pink. But I've been happy so far with mine, make sure that the bugs in Windows Vista have been worked out. I still remain with my Windows XP.

On people, we all can learn from each other, isn't that what life is all about?

Sweet Dreams sweet thing (Merowl)

Magdalena said...

Hi Dear Fram! Today I would like only to send you all my best wishes and promise to go back soon. Have a beautiful weekend :-)

Fram said...

Thank you, Diva, as in thank you very much for coming here.

My primary computer is a Compaq desktop. Actually, I am thinking about a laptop. My bitty digital camera is a HP. A friend has recommended going with a Sony Cyber-shot. Too much to choose from without advice.

Fram said...

Magdalena, you always bring a smile with you and leave it for me. Thank you.

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