Saturday, February 21, 2009

A queen! A queen! My kingdom for a queen!

Queen Sibylla is very lovely, indeed. But, can she paddle a canoe?

As one search ends, another begins ....

I am sorry to announce that I have ended my search for Ms. Perfect.

I have been informed, by a reliable, trustworthy, non-partisan, unbiased source, that Ms. Perfect has been won over by Mr. Perfect. (That scoundrel!) She no longer is available.

There is, I also have been told, a distinct possibility that there might be a Ms. Best-For-Me just waiting for my arrival, somewhere. With this thought in mind, I further announce that my search for her will be launched immediately upon the completion of this commentary.

Might I even find an actual queen? How many of them are on the loose these days? The last one I remember seeing was in a movie about Jerusalem with Crusaders and Moslems and big siege machines. "The Kingdom of Heaven." That was it. Queen Sibylla ran off to France with some guy at the end of the movie but, who knows? Maybe they got divorced, or maybe he went off on another Crusade, or maybe she's on vacation by herself in Greece.

It probably would cost a lot of money to keep a real queen happy. I'm sure she'd always be wanting more jewels and expensive clothing. Could be worth it, though. Just look at her in that outfit. Really nice. Exotic. Beautiful. Stunning. All right, cool off, boy.

Expensive? I suppose but, on the other hand, if she came with her own retinue I wouldn't have to worry about cutting the grass or shoveling the snow or feeding the camels. Her servants could attend to those chores.

Whoa, now. Not camels. If I remember right, she liked riding horses. She could ride far better than I can. I guess that would be OK. I’m pretty sure I can paddle a canoe in a straight line better than she could do it. If she'd be willing to practice her canoe work, I'd be willing to start riding again. Opposites might attract, but they don't last. I managed to figure that out.

I remember something else. Queen Sibylla liked dogs, too. All the better. There are some possibilities here. Something to think about.

Computers, cameras & suggestions?

Only one suggestion each so far regarding computers and cameras and Greece. Either no one is reading here or no one has any suggestions. Oh, well, such is life.

I did contact a friend, who is a programmer for Intel, regarding suggestions about middle-of-the-road computers (price, that is, not politics) and two friends, one who is a photography hobbyist and another who is a professional photographer, about possibilities for cameras. Never-the-less, I would value advice from anyone who has experience, good or bad, with a particular product. Any ideas?

A guy has to earn his banana cream pie ....

I don't know what it's doing in your neck of the woods (country talk for "your corner of the world"), but it's snowing here, with a cold wind pushing it. Winter returns. There are three to four inches down. I think it is done, but the wind might pile it up.

That means there are a driveway and a bit of sidewalk to shovel. Yes, shovel. At the risk of offending someone, snow blowers are for old folks. So are riding lawn mowers. I've always looked at shoveling snow and cutting the grass as forms of exercise. (Well, maybe not when I was a teenager.) It's no fun, but it's good for you (and it's good for me), and it reduces feelings of guilt about sitting down with an entire banana cream pie now and then.

We are what we eat, so I guess I'm sweet.

Music Note: Listening to Foreigner ....
Specifically, "Classic Hits Live" ....
Featuring, "I Want to Know What Love Is" ....

(Me, too)


its_me_in_montana said...

We haven't had snow in my neck of the woods (enough for shoveling anyway) for a few weeks. I love to shovel, could do it for hours. Especially if I could shovel a path to a snow bank to make snow angels in.

I have a two 1/2 year old Dell XPS, have had no troubles with it really. I like Dells. My camera is a Canon PowerShot A560. I carry it with me everywhere, because I never know when there will be a Kodak moment.

If you don't find a queen, would you settle (not the best word) for a princess...they grow up to be queens?

The Fabulous Diva said...

Mmmmm Sweet thing, there are also Contessas', and I do love dogs, but I'm not sure about paddling a canoe. I'm more the traveling in an expensive car type.

Snow is rare here, but when we have heavy rains I can guarentee that some houses will be sliding down hillsides and off of oceanside cliffs.

Sweet dreams you sweet yummy thing.

Fram said...

Hey, Montana ....

Thanks for the note. I lived in Montana for a year, on the eastern side, and I never made it beyond. My first newspaper job was there.

My photographer hobbyist friend also recommended a PowerShot. He called it his "every day" camera.

Time answers all questions. My plans are becoming very centered on a jump off to another country this summer, a long trip to forget there is such a thing as winter. Really, the Mediterranean area, probably Greece. (Eventually, I might say more about traveling.) Anyway, for all I know right now, I might not ever want to come back except for weddings and funerals.

You, keep reading and keep writing, please. Find yourself before you make another jump.

Fram said...

Two cars behind the woodshed, Ms. Diva:

One a '91 Mustang 5.0 High Performance GT, rarely driven, with only 55,000 miles on it. I blew the speedometer on the day I bought it, and never fixed it, but that is another story, maybe worth a blog.

The other a 2005 Audi A4 Quattro. Not the most expensive, but it will run with the best of them on any autobahn in the world. (Just ask Jason Bourne -- teasing now, but watch the second Bourne movie.)

Never-the-less, I prefer the rippling sound of a canoe going into the wind across a lake, or the roar of the rapids while bouncing down a river, to the blast of any gasoline creature.

Everyone has choices to make. Sleep well.

TheChicGeek said...

You are so me a giggle today :) I like that.
Great posting and picture.
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Fram said...

Well, everything I said was true, was it not, Ms. Reliable?

P.S. You know, you really have sweet sounding giggle.

Something special ....